Top 10 best cameos from Father Ted, ranked

Father Ted is remembered for many things – one being all of its familiar faces. Here are the ten best cameos from Father Ted, ranked.

Father Ted bears the title of a ‘cult classic’. First airing in 1995, the sitcom follows the farcical lives of three exiled priests and their devoted housekeeper on the fictional ‘Craggy Island’ off the coast of Ireland.

A comedy of errors, Father Ted is remembered for its dry humour, biting wit, and wealth of esteemed actors who would pop by for a cameo every now and then.

For those who want to take a trip down memory lane, these are the ten best cameos from Father Ted, ranked.

10. Eoin McLove – Patrick McDonnell

Patrick McDonnell played Eoin McLove.

Appearing in ‘Night of the Nearly Dead’ (season 3, episode 7), Patrick McDonnell crosses the threshold into the absurd world of Father Ted as Eoin McLove – the much-adored Irish singer who has stolen the heart of every mammy and menopausal woman on the Emerald Isle.

With technicolour knits and a childish disposition, the character is, in fact, a parody of the Irish singer Daniel O’Donnell.

9. Todd Unctuous – Gerard McSorely

Gerard McSorely was one of the best cameos from Father Ted.
Credit: YouTube screenshot / Britbox

Gerald McSorely is an actor from Northern Ireland who plays the role of a priest using the pseudonym of ‘Todd Unctuous’ in the sitcom’s only holiday special, the 1996 ‘A Christmassy Ted’.

In the episode, McSorely is memorable for his shifty nature. He tries to lull the parochial house into a false sense of security, masquerading as an ‘old friend’ of Ted, while his true intention is to steal Ted’s Golden Cleric award.

8. Father Paul Stone – Michael Redmond

Michael Redmond played Father Paul Stone.
Credit: YouTube screenshot / Ed O’Flynn

Father Paul Stone, played by Irish actor and comedian Michael Redmond, is undoubtedly one of the best cameos from Father Ted.

However, like the others who perhaps are remembered for their comedy, Father Paul Stone is the polar opposite: he is the very boring priest.

With these painstakingly drawn-out scenes of total frustration and boredom, however, comes pure comedy genius.

7. Father Kevin – Tommy Tiernan

Tommy Tiernan was one of the best cameos from Father Ted.

Father Kevin is the well-remembered suicidal priest who lived on Craggy Island. Played by the critically-acclaimed Irish comic Tommy Tiernan, no list of best cameos from Father Ted would be complete with Father Kevin.

This cameo features in the series finale of Father Ted, ‘Going to America’, and stands as one of the best things going in this episode.

6. Polly Clarke – Gemma Craven

Gemma Craven played Polly Clarke.
Credit: YouTube screenshot / Hat Trick

As far as cameos go, Polly Clarke, portrayed by Gemma Craven, has to be well up there in the top ten.

The episode, ‘And God Created Woman’ (season 3, episode 5), is most memorable for its traditional boy-meets-unattainable-girl and embarrasses himself beyond redemption plotline.

5. Niamh Connolly – Claire Grogan

One of the best cameos from Father Ted was Claire Grogan.

Popstar and radical feminist Niamh Connolly (Claire Grogan) comes to Craggy Island in search of a place free of the “intolerance and hypocrisy”, unlike the mainland.

Playfully satirising preachy popstars like Sinead O’Connor, this parody performance is one of the best cameos in Father Ted.

Not to mention it comes in one of the most memorable episodes, ‘Rock a Hula Ted’ (season 2, episode 7), where the ‘Lovely Girls’ competition takes place.

4. Henry Sellers – Niall Buggy

Niall Buggy played Henry Sellers.
Credit: YouTube screenshot / Thomas Moore

The character of Henry Sellers, played by Niall Buggy, is another cameo that tops the charts. This character is the recovering-alcoholic judge chosen to oversee the ‘All Priests Stars in Their Eyes Lookalike Competition’.

Of course, Craggy Island lures him right off the bandwagon, and a comedy of errors ensues.

3. Bishop Brennan – Jim Norton

Jim Norton was one of the best cameos from Father Ted.
Credit: YouTube screenshot / Hat Trick

Irish actor Jim Norton plays the well-remembered antagonist Bishop Brennan in Father Ted.

Acting as the ruler over the three exiled priests, responsible for their banishment to the forgotten Craggy Island, Bishop Brennan’s presence heralds madness and mayhem.

2. Pat Mustard – Pat Laffan

Pat Mustard was played by Pat Laffan.

To this day, Pat Mustard remains one of the most memorable and best cameos from Father Ted.

Starring in the riotous episode ‘Speed 3’ (season 3, episode 3) – a not so subtle spin-off of the Hollywood blockbuster, Speed – Irish actor Pat Laffan plays the role of the revenge-hungry milkman in this slapstick scenario.

1. Father Noel Furlong – Graham Norton

One of the best cameos from Father Ted was Graham Norton.
Credit: YouTube screenshot / Hat Trick

Taking the top spot on our list of best cameos in Father Ted is Graham Norton with his portrayal of Father Noel Furlong.

Featured in the first episode of season two, ‘Hell’, Father Noel Furlong is most remembered as the hyperactive priest who ends up tipping over a caravan while a youth group practise a Riverdance routine inside it. Pure comedy gold.