WATCH: Sligo man’s LinkedIn video goes viral thanks to the kindness of Irish strangers

If you’re having a bad day, this Irishman’s story is one which will lift your mood.

Sligo native Philip O’Malley posted a video to LinkedIn titled, ‘Seeking employment’. The resulting response was huge.

Philip detailed in the video how he had been unemployed for some time but no longer wanted to live off government contributions.

An obviously intelligent and motivated man, Philip has worked in both the private and public sectors – spoke of his work as a legal secretary, as a bookkeeper and as an office administrator.

“I’m asking the business community if they have any vacancies going?” he says.

“Because I’m not getting the work to keep my financial obligations going. I’m suffering as well. I can work from the bottom up, I don’t mind doing long hours. I want to get back into the working environment because I want to contribute to society and pay my way instead of having to rely on the benefits of others just to prop me up.”

The response he got from the business community was great. Philip received a number of responses, most notably from a gentleman by the name of Kenneth Keogh.

Kenneth saw Philip’s LinkedIn video and decided to take him under his wing.

Kenneth wrote: “You have a tough, but essentially rewarding, road ahead of you, Philip, but if you commit to taking that road I’ll support you,” Kenneth wrote to him.

“I am prepared to meet with you for an hour each month to review your progress.”

Phillip met Kenneth every day and posted this update: “I would also like to acknowledge all those that have extended their help to you in response to your post. It makes me proud to be Irish and reinforces my belief in humanity.”


Following his appointments, a more confident Philip posted the following video update.

Kenneth wrote: “I would like to express particular gratitude to both Andrew at EJ‘s menswear in Sligo and Alfie owner of Alfie‘s Barbershop in Sligo for giving Philip the royal treatment and accepting my somewhat strange requests as genuine.

“Thanks again Philip for your courage and for providing me with this opportunity to help you, which I hope leads to many more positive opportunities for you. I truly wish you every success for your bright future.”

Travelling to Dublin for an appointment on Friday morning, Philip told Irish website “I would like to acknowledge the assistance of Joe Dalton and Kenneth Keogh, who have guided me to great beginnings. I am getting a lot of positive feedback and traction, but still waiting for the all-important job offers or opportunities.

“I would appreciate the foundation stones from the business world to help me gain momentum in my life and help me to contribute to a better society.”

There really are some great people in Ireland. We wish Phillip the very best of luck in his future career!