WATCH: Video of Irishman’s murder in London’s Trafalgar Square released by Police

WARNING! You may find this video distressing.

CCTV footage of a savage attack which left Irishman Desmond O’Beirne dead after one punch has been released by Scotland Yard in the hope of finding a lead.

The dramatic footage of the Irishman’s last moments are shown in the video just before he was knocked unconscious by a single punch and then kicked on the ground has been released by London police.

Desmond O’Beirne from Ireland was attacked in Trafalgar Square after a night out on June 2, 2017. He was left in a vegetative state and died five days before Christmas. No one has yet been arrested

The CCTV shows a man delivering a blow to the head of O’Beirne who falls while another man rushes in to kick him.


Scotland Yard is offering a £20,000 reward for information on the killers. Detective Constable Noel McHugh said: “Someone might see this video and remember that they witnessed this incident; you will see a female who is clearly shocked by what has happened and holds her hands up to her face.

“You may have been part of the group and did not realize how seriously Desmond was hurt and that he has now died. That may prey on your mind.

“You can contact us and help us get justice. Desmond was an inoffensive man, a big man and character, who was out having a drink. The CCTV shows that he was senselessly attacked, and he never stood a chance.”

If you can information about this, please contact British Police.