Watching YouTube all day is a good hangover cure, scientist reveals

A recently published report shows that watching YouTube all day the day after a heavy drinking secession can help reduce the effects of a hangover.

The report researched and compiled by a Trinity College Dublin team led by Dr Thomas Jefferies concluded that YouTube watchers were considerably less likely to feel the pain and debilitating factors normally associated with an overindulgence of alcohol — commonly called a hangover.

Over a twelve-month study, Dr Jefferies’ team conducted clinical trials on one-hundred and fifty trial patients, most of whom were volunteer students from Trinity.

At the launch of his report, Dr Jefferies was at pains to congratulate and thank those volunteers.

“We simply could not have carried out such detailed research without those students who freely gave up their free time to indulge in excessive drinking.

The Findings

Dr Jefferies spoke at the launch of his report and told both medical and scientific members of the press.

“Ninety-five per cent of those tested reported that the greatest difficulty they had ‘the morning after’ was getting up to go to college or work. Whereas those who opted to stay in bed found that by watching YouTube all day this hardship was lessened.” He said.

The Doctor continued “You must remember that it’s easy to fall into a wormhole and lose hours when watching YouTube. Soon the subjects found that they became so immersed in watching silly cat or puppy videos that they simply forget about work and study and fell back asleep. Thus lessening the guilt factors normally associated with hangovers and allowing the body time to recover.”

Another phenomenon the team discovered was the “did I make a complete idiot of myself?” factor.

Dr Jefferies explained,” Most people the morning after getting completely rat-faced worry about having made a fool out of themselves. But this fear can be greatly lessened by watching some of the tripe others upload to YouTube. We find watching YouTube can greatly enhance the feelings of self-confidence and faith in themselves of those who barely made it home the previous night.”

The Anonymity Factor

“In these days of instant social media, live Facebook videos and Instagram the slightly silly antics of those who have had too much to drink can be flashed all over the world within seconds.

“This can lead to very embarrassing recollections when those suffering from hangovers logon to social media sites the next morning.” Dr Jefferies continued.

“It’s different with YouTube,” he explained. “With YouTube, you simply enter a search term and the App will suggest what you should watch.

“This, of course, means that you control what you see and are not subjected to forty-five shared Facebook videos of you getting sick in the night club. It’s sort of indulging in social media but not really.” He concluded.

The Main Findings

The main conclusion of the study points to the reality that those suffering from hangovers, both the physical pain and the social anxiety attached are really of no use to either themselves or to others.

By staying at home in bed and watching endless reruns of British sitcoms of the early eighties the day will soon pass, the pain will soon lessen and the games can begin again that night.