Why Ireland needs to get on the Beer Spa bandwagon

Yes, Beer Spas are a thing, and Ireland NEEDS to have them, and here is why.

There is a concept that we are all probably familiar with, and that is the epic invention of the Beer Spa. However, it does not exist in Ireland, at least not yet!

Ever since this trend has become so popular, we cannot help but wonder why on earth Ireland does not jump on this bandwagon. After all, we are the ultimate beer lovers. So, if you are new to the term ‘Beer Spa’, then let us explain more.

Beer Spas − what is it?

We need beer spas in Ireland!
Credit: Facebook/ Goodbeerspa

Now, Irish people may initially think ‘what a waste of beer’, but in actual fact, when you know a bit more about this excellent concept, you will be out there on the streets petitioning for beer spas in Ireland, believe us!

The Beer Spa has two unique qualities. Firstly, you get to relax in a bath full of warm beer, and the next is that generally, you will have your own private beer tap to drink as much as you want while enjoying your spa experience. Now, doesn’t that sound incredible?

There are many health benefits to sitting in a bathtub full of cold or warm beer, but we prefer the sounds of the latter, and these can include deeply cleansing the skin, regeneration of skin cells, and furthermore, the hops help fight toxins in the body as well as being anti-inflammatory.

It may be tempting, but it is strongly advised NOT to drink the beer in the bathtub. Instead, make use of the keg you are provided with, which, as they say, is good for the mind and internal organs. We like the sounds of this!

The Beer Spa origins − where this idea came from

Beer Spas originated in Ancient China and Egypt.
Credit: beerspa-prague.cz

Originating in Ancient China and Egypt, this tradition eventually made its way to Europe to a small Czech town in particular – Karlovy Vary, which is also the town where scenes from Casino Royale were filmed.

This town has the tradition of being a spa town, and it has many beer spas to be enjoyed. As well as in the Czech Republic, you can find beer spas around Europe in Iceland, Belgium, Poland, Hungary and many other places, but not in Ireland, it seems.

Beer Spas in Ireland − why we NEED them in our lives

How cool would it be to have beer spas in Ireland!
Credit: Facebook/ Goodbeerspa

It is no surprise that the Irish like to drink, but we also like to relax. It is all about balance, right? Ireland is home to some of the top European Spas, which the nation loves to flock to on occasion to unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate, so why do we not have beer spas in Ireland?

Type beer spa into Google Maps in Ireland, and you will find nothing, nada, except breweries, brewpubs, hotel spas and day spas, but it seems there are no beer spas in Ireland.

The reason we NEED Ireland to jump on this beer spa bandwagon is because we believe the Irish nation would absolutely love to have an experience like this on their doorstep without having to go across Europe to experience it.

In Ireland, we have master brew makers, plenty of beer, and of course, plenty of spas, so we have the recipe for a great new Irish activity.

Create your own Beer Spa – a solution in the meantime

You can attempt to make your own one at home.
Credit: freeimageslive

If you do a bit of research, you may find ways to create your own Beer Spa at home. You can turn your bath into a Beer Spa using certain key ingredients. This includes hop extract powder, yeast extract powder, barley seed extract powder and cinnamon aroma.

Mix these ingredients with a few bottles or cans of beer and warm water, and Bob is your uncle. You now have your own personalised Beer Spa at home.

However, although this sounds tempting, the whole experience lies in visiting a top-quality Beer Spa where everything has been thought out.

This is just something you won’t find in your own bathtub. So, we think that Beer Spas in Ireland would be a fantastic idea, don’t you?

We can see it now. Instead of meeting your mates on the weekend for a few beers, you meet them at the Beer Spa. It’s the best way to unwind after the working week! You can socialise and drink as much beer as you want.

This is the dream! It is recommended to visit a Beer Spa once or twice a month. However, we think that this experience will keep us going back for more.