You know you are Irish when…

We have compiled a list of 25 signs you will only understand if you are Irish and if you have experienced the majority of them then you definitely are Irish.

 1. Tea is the solution to every problem


In Ireland, tea really is accepted as a solution to almost anything you can think of. It is common for Irish mothers to try and calm their kids down by saying the phrase “come on, have a cup of tea and sit down.” It works every time!

2. You are always grand


Everything is always grand in Ireland!

3. You lived in mortal fear of leaving the immersion on.


This is a real fear!

4. You know everyone else’s business except your own


The more rural you get in Ireland, the truer this is!

5. The second anyone crossed the threshold of the house, they were offered a bite to eat.

Family All Together At Christmas Dinner

Once the door is opened you will be offered so much food. Don’t try to resist, don’t say you are on a diet, you will be pressured to breaking point so just enjoy the food!

6. Or a cup of tea


Cups of tea are always offered. If someone doesn’t offer you a cup of tea, they aren’t Irish or they don’t like you.

7. Your Granny lights you a candle every time you have an exam


I’m yet to fail a test, thanks Granny!

8. Any dinner you had wasn’t a proper dinner if it didn’t have potatoes in it!



We do love our spuds!

9. You knew that a good funeral’s better than a bad wedding.


Funerals in Irealnd can be a good sesh, just watch the amazing video below:

10. You are confused when you meet someone without any cousins…


In Ireland, we have big families.

11. Because your family portrait looks like this


This is legit a family in Belfast.

12. You were a dead man walking if your Granny found out you didn’t go to Mass!


We can relate to this one!

13. Leave the house without a jacket? You’ll get a chill in your kidneys


I don’t know if getting a chill in your kidneys is a thing but I’ve never taken the risk.

14. And you’d catch your death of cold if you went to bed with wet hair


My ma loved this one.

15. When you give directions by naming every pub on the route


We do love our pubs!

16. You had a very generous Granny gives loads to the poor children in Africa


My Granny loved giving to the poor children in Africa!

17. There was a patron saint for any problem.


He found my wallet once!

18. You know that it’s Paddy’s, not Patty’s.


Seriously, don’t ever call it St. Patty’s.

19. You say “bye” more times at the end of a call than the duration of the full call


Very true.

20. Flat 7-up or Coke cures sore heads, colds, upset stomach and come to think of it…EVERYTHING!!!


I thought this was actually true for many years.

21. When you know someone who says “Now we’re suckin’ Diesel” every time something good happens


My cousin is a culchie and loves this one.

22. When your Mammy or Granny warned you with the wooden spoon!


I have anxiety thinking about the spoon, even today!

23. Towels and sheets, always in the hotpress



24. When calling someone mad is a compliment 

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So true!

25. When you tell someone how good your holiday was by the price of a pint!

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What can I say, we love a good pint!