Late Late Toy Show’s Adam King to release book this Christmas

Adam King is set to release A Hug For You, with the book being inspired by his real-life.

Late Late Toy Show’s Adam King to release book this Christmas.

The Late Late Toy Show has engrossed viewers around the nation for almost half a century. On RTE One, viewers tune in to see special guests discuss music, games, and gifts.

One such guest named Adam King captured the country’s hearts when he appeared back in 2020. And now, Adam King is spring boarding on to bigger things with the release of his new book coming this Christmas.

Humble beginnings – the ‘virtual hug’ card

Adam King was on the famous Toy Show.
Credit: Instagram / @adamkingadventures

Back in December 2020, Adam appeared on the Late Late Toy Show sharing his ‘virtual hug’ card. This was a heart-shaped sign that he held to spread the message of love during the raging pandemic.

Seven-year-old Adam has a rare brittle bone disorder. His message was a heartfelt reminder to show love to for those who are more vulnerable to exposed contact during the pandemic.

Adam’s charity success – spreading the love

Adam King celebrated his success in raising over €266,000 for hospitals.
Credit: Instagram / @adamkingadventures

Adam began to raise money for charity by selling Virtual Hugs Valentine’s Day cards this year.

Since then, King has raised over €266,000 for Temple Street Children’s University Hospital Health Foundation and Cork University Hospital Charity.

This is only the beginning of his success now as Adam King is set to release his highly-anticipated book.

A Hug For You – a must on the Christmas list this year

Adam King has a new book coming out this Christmas.
Credit: Instagram / @adamkingadventures

It seems that not only King wants to spread the joy this festive season. The book is expected to fly off the shelves when it hits this Christmas.

Not only this, but Adam King’s book has also already been shortlisted for an Irish Book Award. Titled A Hug For You, the name comes from the sign that he held on his appearance on the Late Late Toy Show.

Adam’s influence worldwide – praise for his positive message

Adam King awaits the release of his new book.
Credit: Instagram / @adamkingadventures

Adam King has been noticed by famous figures from all around the world, being praised for his inspiring positivity.

He even received a letter from President of the United States Joe Biden, who praised the idea of his heart-warming ‘virtual hugs’ message.

Another highlight for Adam, whose dream job is to work at NASA, was a shout out from retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

He said to the seven-year-old, “The way that you spoke, the way that you treated everybody around you, the way that you showed us the things that you are dreaming of, I found it really inspiring.”

It seems that Adam is a natural television personality, as he appeared to have united not only the country, but inspired those from around the world.   

Adam King and his upcoming success – anticipation for his new book

David King has penned his son's real-life adventures.
Credit: Instagram / @adamkingadventures

The book is inspired by Adam King’s real-life adventures. His father, David King, wrote the book.

Previously, David has written a book called ‘But Really… Adventures with a Difference’. And now, his son’s own book is set to be another success this Christmas.

Adam King will be joined by his family for the launch of his book on 9 November in the River Lee Hotel in Cork. He is also set to return to his roots on The Late Late Show on Friday night.

You can pre-order the book and vote for it in the Children’s Book of the Year (Junior) award here.