Sleep out for the homeless: Shine a Light Ireland 2021

You may have heard about Shine a Light Ireland happening this month. If so, here is everything you need to know about getting involved.

Shine a Light Ireland is an event organised by Focus Ireland and sponsored by Bord Gáis Energy. It aims to raise awareness for homelessness in Ireland by ‘shining a light’ on this major issue.

As many may remember, last year, people came together virtually for Shine a Light 2020, making it the most successful Shine a Light event ever. However, this year, they plan to make it even bigger, and that’s where we all come in.

According to statistics, there are currently 8132 people, including 930 families and 2129 children experiencing homelessness. Due to the pandemic and the housing crisis, this number will only grow if the community doesn’t take action.

Luckily, this amazing event has brought communities together to raise awareness and, most importantly, raise vital funds that will be used to help tackle this growing issue in our country. But how can you take part?

Shine a Light Ireland 2021 – play your part

Shine a Light Ireland is hoping to 'shine a light' on this serious issue.
Credit: YouTube screenshot / focusireland

The event will take place on 15 October, and the primary way you can get involved is easier than ever.

Organisers encourage everyone who can commit to spending the night camping outdoors, in their gardens, workplaces, or other chosen locations.

By doing so, they hope to create one of the biggest virtual sleepouts to help raise funds for the cause.

The act of taking part in this virtual sleep out is to stand together in solidarity with those who are experiencing a tough time in their lives dealing with homelessness.

The crisis of homelessness – a growing issue

The homelessness crisis is growing in Ireland.
Credit: Flickr / Garry Knight

With winter approaching, raising funds to tackle this head-on is more important now than ever. The best thing is, we can all make this change happen.

This year, business leaders, companies, schools, and anyone else who would like to participate are urged to sign up on the Shine a Light Ireland website here.

Suggested places to camp out can be your local community park, GAA club, or town square. And, of course, from the comfort and safety of your own garden.

You can register as a business leader, company, school, or community, so get involved.

The impact of the event – one night can change a lifetime

Shine a Light Ireland is taking place this week.
Credit: Flickr / Jon Evans

The captivating promotional video for Shine a Light Ireland explains, “One night can change a lifetime, one night can make you face a reality you never imagined, but it can also change a lifetime for the better.”

We believe this message lies in the heart of the community. By taking part in this one-night event on 15 October, you can truly make a difference. So, why not sign up?

Business leaders in Cork will be sleeping out on Spike Island for the first time since 2019. Meanwhile, communities around the country will come together in their chosen sleep out locations to show their support.

So, this is your chance to make a difference because one night can really change a lifetime.