10 Irish foods & dishes you need to try

10 Irish foods & dishes you need to try

With a whole island to munch your way around, the choice can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the ten best Irish foods you simply need to try.

As a visitor to Ireland, you’re probably eager to get your teeth around some of the finest examples of Irish cuisine – but where to start, you might ask?

Food, drink, arts, craic, natural beauty – is there anything in this world that Ireland doesn’t do better than everyone else? Ah yes, the weather. We’re terrible at that one. Anyway, here’s our list of the ten Irish foods and dishes you need to try.

10. Coddle – a taste of Dublin

Credit: @alan.spain / Instagram

Does the thought of spuds, sausages, rashers, and random vegetables floating around in a broth gross you out? If so, please leave this article at once.

Coddle is an iconic Dublin dish. You’ll note it sounds very much like the word “cuddle” – this is because eating it gives a sensation of being held in a loving embrace (we absolutely made this up). No Irish childhood was complete without steaming bowls of coddle on a rainy night.

9. Barmbrack – magic fruitcake

Barmbrack, one of the most unique and certainly best Irish foods.
Credit: @thegoodthebadthetasty / Instagram

Barmbrack is a delicious Irish food eaten around Halloween, with the magical power of helping you get married. Yes, you read that right.

It’s an undisputed fact that if you happen upon the ring baked into the barmbrack, you’ll be down the aisle within the year. Never mind your fancy Tinder site, get thee to the bakery if you’re after a fella.

8. Irish Soda Bread – a source of debate


Should it be white? Should it be brown? Should it have seeds? Should it be plain? These are the types of emotional debates held in Irish kitchens around the country.

One thing we can agree on though, is that Irish soda bread is flipping delicious. Oh, and that you should never give away your family’s secret recipe. Sacrilege.

7. Irish Stew – one to write home about

Irish stew, one of the best Irish foods and dishes.
Credit: jeffreyw / Flickr

What’s better than onions, gravy, and big chunks of beef? Why, a combination of all three of course. This slice of Irish cuisine has been imitated worldwide, but never perfected like it is here.

Nothing says winter warmer like the smell of Irish stew wafting from the slow cooker as you open the front door. Idyllic.

6. Breakfast Roll – hangover heaven

Credit: @mfg_oakwood_gate / Instagram

Ah, the humble breakfast roll – the cosy trackie bottoms of Irish dishes. A crusty roll full of meat and ketchup might seem an unlikely best friend to have, but call on a breakfast roll during a hangover and you’ll realise just how loyal it is.

In fact, we’d go so far to say that if you have a regular supply of breakfast rolls, you don’t need any human friends.

5. All the seafood – just all of it!

Seafood, some of the best Irish foods and dishes.

Ireland is an island nation, so it stands to reason that the seafood should be good. However, nobody ever appreciates just how good it is until they try it for themselves.

Dublin bay prawns, Kilmore Quay lobster, and Dingle crab are just some of the delicacies that put Irish food on the worldwide map.

4. Clonakilty Black Pudding – one of the best Irish foods

Credit: @clonakilty_blackpudding

Generations before black pudding was elevated to the status of superfood by international foodies in the know, we were getting stuck into it as part of our weekend fry up.

Not all pudding is created equal, though – Clonakilty is always a cut above the rest. Hey, if you’re gonna eat blood sausage you might as well do it in style.

3. Ballymaloe Relish – posh sandwich topping

To the right is the Ballymaloe Relish, one of the best Irish foods and dishes.
Credit: @nocallaghan / Instagram

The Allen family are the essentially the royals when it comes to the world of Irish food. Ballymaloe relish is the jewel in their crown, and is a non-negotiable fixture on a posh cracker.

If you want a sandwich with a bit of pzazz, Ballymaloe is your only man. No dount this is one of the best Irish foods and dishes there is.

2. Kerrygold Butter – you’ll never go back

The famous Kerrygold butter of Ireland. One of the best Irish foods and dishes.
Credit: Nick Saltmarsh / Flickr

Other countries are great! Their butter is not. When it comes to Irish foods, it’s all about ingredients – and once you’ve tried authentic Kerrygold butter nothing else will do.

It’s like a hug for your tongue, and is entirely worth the five million calories per spoon (we’re estimating those numbers).

1. Tayto Sandwich – carbalicious culture

The Tayto sandwich, perhaps the most unique of the best Irish foods and dishes.
Credit: @campervamper / Instagram

Okay, here’s the ultimate comfort food. Get some thick batch bread and absolute slathering’s of the aforementioned Kerrygold butter. Open a packet of Tayto cheese and onion crisps and smush them in between the two slices.

Sit back, close your eyes, open your mouth (and heart) and enjoy the absolute height of fine Irish cuisine. Simply unbeatable.