The Irishman who proved that playing games all day can help make you a millionaire

You’ll never make anything of your life messing around with computer games all day. So countless parents have told their offspring.

So too are a growing number of people pointing out to their spouses in this modern era where gaming is becoming a more popular pastime than watching movies or reading books.

However, it’s not always entirely true. The fact that gaming is so immensely popular among people of all ages and backgrounds means that it’s an area in which there’s money to be made.

Some decide to visit Ireland or a betting website to try to become an overnight millionaire – if that’s your plan then good luck to you. But one man from Ballyshannon decided on a different approach.

Who is Brendan Greene?

It’s a rags to riches fairytale that should, by rights, go down in Irish folklore. This time five years ago, you could have been forgiven for calling Brendan Greene something of a loser.

The 38 years old divorcee had returned to live with his parents in Kildare after his marriage broke down.

He was getting by on benefits and being warned by social workers that even these would be stopped if he didn’t stop messing around with computer games all day and go look for a job.

Did he listen to them? Of course he didn’t. Rather than actually playing games, Greene’s passion was creating modifications of existing Battle Royale games and distributing them among friends.

Turning this into a get-rich scheme was never on his mind, but he was certain he could at least make a living from it. Today, he’s worth an estimated $5 billion.

What is PUBG

The source of that wealth, or at least the vast majority of it, is a game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Greene’s name began to be mentioned in the corridors of gaming power after a developer at Sony became aware of how popular Greene’s gaming mods were in the gaming community.

They offered to take him on as a consultant, which at least got him out of the benefits system. But it was two years later, in 2016, that the big break came.

Greene is better known in the virtual world by the handle PlayerUnknown. Bluehole, a game development company from South Korea, thought it would be a neat idea for PlayerUnknown to launch his very own game.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was literally an overnight success from the moment it launched on Windows just before Christmas 2017.

Xbox and PlayStation versions followed weeks later, and within six months, the game was hosting as many as three million players at any given time.

Could anyone do it?

It’s not every day that someone develops a game that turns them into a multi billionaire. But the popularity of gaming means there is room for everyone.

Like the music or movie business, small independent businesses and lone wolves can thrive despite the presence of the big studios with their massive budgets. Greene has shown that with a great idea and complete faith in it, anything becomes possible.